Stone 2025

15th International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone

Paris 8-12 September 2025

The International Congress on the Deterioration and Conservation of Stone is a quadrennial event that brings together the world-wide community of researchers, managers and practitioners concerned with the conservation of cultural stone structures and objects.

The submitted articles can cover all inorganic building materials (Stones, mortars, artificial stones, bricks, earth…). We strongly encourage linking scientific achievement to practice. Contributions under the following 6 themes and sub-themes are suggested.

6 Alteration mechanisms and conservation treatments

Biological, physical, chemical, natural, anthropogenic, salt and moisture related deterioration processes and practical conservation actions to reduce them: experience and development of materials, treatment products, techniques, and tools.

1  Characterization and investigation methods

Including, and not limited to: in-situ methodologies, sampling and non-destructive technologies, sample preparation, laboratory investigation.

4  Digitalization and AI in stone conservation

Integration of digitalization within stone conservation science; new sources of information from modeling to documentation.

5   Climate change and risk assessment

Direct and indirect impacts of climate change on many building materials including alterations in temperature, precipitation, extreme climatic events, soil conditions, groundwater and sea level and the solutions to tackle it.

2  Resilient & Sustainable conservation

Sustainable and nature-based solution for conservation of building materials and resilience of the most vulnerable built heritage.

3 Holistic approach of built heritage conservation 

Interdependence of degradation factors and comprehensive approaches to mitigate them at the object/monument/site scale.